Birck and Hampson are honored at Wilton Community Celebration

For their years of public service and volunteer work in the community, Karen Birck and Bruce Hampson received this year’s Distinguished Citizen Awards. They were recognized on May 22 at a farm-to-table dinner at Millstone Farm.

“It was an honor to receive the award,” Birck told The Bulletin. “There were many other deserving people in town.”

Birck and Hampson will join more than 81 outstanding individuals, businesses, and organizations who, since 1986, have been honored for their positive impact on the Wilton community.

For years, Birck and Hampson have given their time, from building projects at Wilton schools to contributions to the Board of Education.

In 2007, Hampson led an energy initiative that reduced electrical use 12.2% by 2009, saving the town approximately $150,000 overall. Over the years, he has focused his efforts in promoting clean energy, creating campaigns that increased signups for the Conn. Clean Energy Options program and starting projects that significantly cut Wilton High School’s energy waste. He was chair of the Wilton Energy Commission from 2007 to 2015 and continues to serve today.

Before joining the Board of Education in 2004, Birck was heavily involved in the school system during her 18 years as a Wilton resident. After serving as the board’s chair from 2006 to 2009, Birck, along with Hampson, helped spearhead the ambitious Wilton High School renovation project in 2010, upgrading the science classrooms and the Little Theater. Until recently, both served as co-chairs of the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee.

Birck was also a college coach to an ABC scholar who was a member of the Wilton High School class of 2010.

Both are happy to be active in the community. “Wilton residents work together to make the town the best place it can be,” Birck said.

Proceeds from the Wilton Community Celebration support the Riverbook Regional YMCA’s financial assistance program. The event helps raise significant funds to increase the impact the YMCA can have on the health of young people here.