All faiths invited to pray for peace

Medium and spiritual counselor Anna Raimondi will lead Alliance for Peace on Wednesday, Sept. 7, at 7:30 p.m., at Trackside Teen Center, 15 Station Road. People of all religions are invited to pray together for peace. Father Adrian Santarelli will preside over the evening.

Alliance for Peace will join people of all religions to pray for peace and unity in the world. Father Adrian will introduce a new prayer, using prayer beads, that can be said by all people who believe in God or a higher power. The evening will include music by gospel singer Adrienne Reedy, Broadway singers Raissa Katona Bennett and Kenneth Gartman, and guitarist Ricky Mitarotunda. Alliance for Peace is sponsored by Pawel’s Children.

“I am thrilled to facilitate this wonderful spiritual event with Father Adrian, Raimondi said in a press release. “We live in a world of diverse religions and ways of life, yet we can all come together to join hands and participate in a beautiful evening of prayer, peace and unity.”

The cost for the evening is $25, which includes a set of beads on which to pray. A 10% donation will be made to Pawel’s Children, a nonprofit organization that honors the late Pawel Sywek, a Wilton college student who died in 2012. It is committed to raising funds for the Abhaneri School in Rajasthan, India, and other schools like it to cover the construction costs for much-needed school buildings, including classrooms and bathrooms, as well as the cost of tuition, school supplies and lunches.

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