Wilton Social Services builds senior discount program

A senior discount program being developed by Wilton Social Services and the office of the first selectwoman is proving to be popular. Eleven businesses have replied to a survey designed to guage interest and “all want to participate” in the program, Sarah Gioffre, coordinator of community affairs in the first selectwoman’s office, told The Bulletin.

“There are also at least six other businesses/organizations that I know of that already offer senior discounts and will be included in the program,” she added.

The program would provide a comprehensive guide to discounts offered to senior residents, age 65 and older, at participating Wilton organizations and businesses. The department has developed a short, online survey to identify available discounts and to identify businesses and organizations that would like to start offering discounts to seniors.  

A number of neighboring communities, including Ridgefield and Fairfield, offer similar programs which have been very well received by both businesses and senior residents, she said. Several Fairfield businesses reported they saw a significant increase in foot traffic and increased sales.

Ridgefield offers its Gold Card Discount Program free to residents 65 and older. Card holders receive various free and discounted services from numerous town departments, organizations and businesses.

Wilton’s “program would encourage seniors to shop locally and enjoy savings while spending is kept in the Wilton community,” Gioffre said in a statement. “The Board of Selectmen, the Wilton Economic Development Commission, and the Wilton Chamber of Commerce have all shown their support for the program.”  

Participating businesses and organizations will be listed in an online Senior Discount Program brochure and senior residents would only need to show their identification, such as a driver’s license, to qualify for available discounts.

The brochure would list participating businesses and organizations and their associated discounts as well as provide information on discounted and free services provided by the town.

While the brochure would primarily be an online resource, printed copies would also be made available at the Wilton Senior Center and other locations around town.

“We are thrilled to be working on such an exciting project that will be beneficial to our senior residents. Some businesses in town already offer discounts to seniors, and we hope to encourage more businesses to do the same,” said Sarah Heath, director of Wilton Social Services. She said she thought the program would be rolled out early next year.

The online brochure will include town services available to seniors and benefits associated with being a senior in Wilton, she said.

All Wilton-based businesses and organizations are invited to complete the survey to express interest in participating in the program. The survey will take less than five minutes and is available at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MXTPHJR.

Questions about the program may be directed to Sarah Heath at sarah.heath@wiltonct.org or Sarah Gioffre at sarah.gioffre@wiltonct.org.