Senior Center News: Sept. 11

Bridge at the Senior Center

A new round of bridge classes beginning at the senior center

Beginner bridge lessons will be offered Tuesdays beginning Sept. 23, 1 to 3, $75 for the eight-week series.

Bridge combines mental exercise of the reasoning faculties, short- and long-term memory centers, planning and collation skills, social interaction techniques, and a host of other mental calisthenics useful in everyday life. Players with little or no bridge experience will learn from Dan DeVlieg its beginning steps to more advanced concepts by playing the game.

Once you know how to play bridge, it is time to learn how to play it well! Intermediate bridge is ideal for the person who used to play bridge but has not done so for years and needs to get up-to-date on the latest advances in this forever-evolving game, for the person who plays bridge but feels developmentally stalled and needs help getting to the next level of proficiency, or for the moderately experienced social and/or duplicate bridge players. Other than an opening period devoted to addressing questions brought in by students, the class will be devoted to bidding and playing situations encountered in randomly dealt hands.

Dan DeVlieg will teach this class on Fridays beginning Sept. 26, 1:30 to 3:30, $75 for the eight-week series.

Drop-in duplicate bridge with Dan is offered on Wednesdays, 10 to 12:30, for a $5 drop-in fee.

Duplicate bridge is a form of contract bridge in which contestants play identical cards, with each deal scored independently, permitting comparison of individual scores.  For all levels of playing. This is not a sanctioned game. Mr. DeVlieg will supervise.

Book discussion

Barbara Jones from Wilton Library has prepared an exceptional reading series for the coming year at the senior center. Each session begins at 11 on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Lunch ($3) is served at noon. Books are on reserve at the library.  Brochures describing  the entire 2014-2015  season are available at the senior center and the library.

First up will be Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology About Birds, edited by Billy Collins, Tuesday, Sept. 23. The discussion leader is Judson Scruton.

“A subject such as birds may have been covered extensively as possible in prose, but that does not mean, as with any topic of human interest, that there is nothing left to say,” Mr. Collins says in his introduction. “Indeed, the genre of poetry makes its true appearance along the line of verbal expression where the possibilities of prose have been exhausted.”

Bright Wings, through its combination of poetry and lovely illustrations, demonstrates this point. As described in the Minneapolis Star Tribune it is “an intelligent assembly of poems that take us places where prose cannot go … This little book is a reminder that everything important about birds can’t be found in guide books or scientific papers.”

St. Matthew’s luncheon

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 36 New Canaan Road, will resume its monthly luncheons on Thursday, Sept. 18, at noon when Connie Tate, a representative to the UN, Elizabeth Titus, a professional writer working with the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and the SOLA school in Afghanistan, and Shekaiba Bennett will describe their efforts to bring education to Afghan women and girls as they fight against incredible obstacles to make their voices heard. These luncheons are open to all seniors. To make your lunch reservation, please call Ellen Lewis at 203-762-7400. Donation: $3.

Movie and popcorn

The Full Monty will be screened Tuesday, Sept. 23, from 3 to 5, in the senior center lounge, presented by Stay at Home in Wilton.

Set in Sheffield, England, this film tells the story of six unemployed men, four of them former steel workers, who decide to form a male striptease act in order to gather enough money to change their lives.

Bring an appetizer to share. Drinks and popcorn will be provided. Reservations:  Call Janet Johnson at 203-762-9303. For information about Stay at Home in Wilton call 203-423-3225 or visit

Computer classes

Getting Around The Internet: Age 50+ will be offered Wednesday, Sept. 17. Fee: $20.

Picasa Photo Workshop will take place Thursday, Sept. 18. Fee: $20.

Classes are from 9:30 to 11:30. For details or to register, call 203-762-8445.

Coming events

All activities take place at the senior center (203-834-6240) unless otherwise specified.

For the week of Sept. 12:

  • Friday, Sept. 12: Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine at 10, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis at 12, Free Swim at the Wilton Y, 1:30- 3.
  • Monday, Sept. 15: Photo Book Workshop at 10, Line Dance Fusion with Beatriz Araujo at 10:30, Movie at 12, Encore Bridge at 1.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 16: Acrylics and Oils with Althea Ericcson at 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn at 11, Duplicate Bridge with Maureen Turnier at 12, Mah Jongg with Nerina Klobas at 12:30, Chair Yoga at Ogden House at 2.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 17: Sewing at Ogden House at 9:30, Getting Around the Internet at 9:30, Duplicate Bridge with Dan at 10, Comstock Writers with Magdalen Livesey at 10, Tai Chi with Julienne Camhi at 11:30, Lunch at Ogden House followed by the music of Chris Merwin at 12, Mah Jongg at 1.
  • Thursday, Sept. 18: Enhance Fitness with Leslie Hinshaw at 9, Drawing with Martha Talburt at 9:30, Picasa Photo Program with Bill Brautigam at 9:30, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn at 10; Lunch at St. Matthew Church at 12, Studio Drawing with Martha Talburt at 12.