Senior Center News: June 25

Having difficulty falling sleep or staying asleep? Did you know that six to seven hours of sleep, not eight hours, is considered optimal; that some of us are born with a “weaker sleep system” but that we can learn how to strengthen our sleep system; that our thoughts and behaviors are the most common cause of sleep disorders and that we can be taught techniques to change these?

Join Cathy Pierce, director of Social Services, and Lauren Hughes, coordinator of Senior Services, for a four-week educational seminar in understanding insomnia and learning how to develop techniques to help improve your sleep.

The initial meeting of the seminar will be on Tuesday, July 14, from 10   to 11:30 in the senior center lounge. The group will meet at the same time on the next three consecutive Tuesdays — July 21, July 28, and Aug. 4 — and will be limited to eight participants.
The seminar will be based on the work of Gregg D. Jacobs, Ph.D, an insomnia specialist from the Sleep Disorder Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Jacobs has developed a cognitive behavioral therapy program for treating insomnia and this four-week seminar will draw on his model.
The first session will be focused on sleep education, separating the facts about sleep from popular myths and misconceptions which can be detrimental to a good night’s rest. In the second week, we will address sleep medications and sleep scheduling techniques. Participants will leave with homework in the form of a sleep chart to help track their personal sleep patterns. The third week’s session will cover stimulus control techniques or how to create the optimal internal and external environment for sleep.   In the final session we will cover relaxation and sleep hygiene techniques so you can learn to fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer.
To enroll please call Sharon Powers at 203-834-6238.

Retirement reception

A reception for Sharon Powers, administrative secretary in Wilton’s Social Services Department, will take place tomorrow, June 26, from noon until 2 at the senior center. A light lunch will be available.   There will be a short program at 1. If you plan to attend, please call today and reserve your place: 203-834-6238.

Weekly activities

Enhance Fitness: Thursday, 9 to 10, $3 drop-in fee. This class includes 30 minutes of endurance-type activity. Leslie Hinshaw, instructor.
Feldenkrais: Friday, 10 to 11, $5 drop-in fee. Explore this exciting and innovative movement method designed to relieve pain, exercise your brain and teach you to move with greater comfort, ease, and fluidity. Cathy Paine, instructor.
Thursday lunch: Most Thursdays at noon, $3. Join other seniors for lunch by Chef Karen White. Seating is limited. Reservations required.
Tai chi: Wednesdays, 10:30 to 11:30, $3 drop-in fee. Tai chi contains a series of gentle and graceful movements performed with respiration coordination and deep concentration. It has been shown to prevent falls and improve the functioning of daily activities. Joe Alampi, instructor.
Bingo: Most Thursdays, 12:45 p.m., 25 cents per card. Winners get “the pot” each game.
Yoga: Tuesdays, 11 to noon,   Thursdays, 10 to 11. There is a $3 drop-in fee. Denise O’Hearn, owner of Vibrant Moves in Wilton, conducts this gentle class that warms up your joints, stretches and strengthens your muscles and helps your balance and focus.
Line Dance Fusion: Mondays, 10:30 to 11:30, $3 drop-in fee. This program blends traditional dance steps with elements of modern line dancing. This is a great form of exercise and social interaction. Beatriz Araujo, instructor.
Open bridge: Wednesdays, 10 to 12:30, $5 drop-in fee. Dan DeVlieg supervises. This is not a sanctioned game.

Coming events

For the week of June 26:
• Friday, June 26 , 10, Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine; 12, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis; 12, Retirement Reception for Sharon Powers.
• Monday, June 29 , 10:30, Line Dance Fusion with Beatriz Araujo; 1, Bridge.
• Tuesday, June 30 , 11, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12:30, Mah Jongg; 2, Chair Yoga at Ogden House.
• Wednesday, July 1 , 10, Open Bridge; 10:30, Tai Chi with Joe Alampi; 1, Mah Jongg.
• Thursday, July 2 , 9, Enhance Fitness with Leslie Hinshaw; 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn.

In the course of the renovation project, individual rooms in the senior center and social services wing of the building may, from time to time, become unavailable for public use. All senior programs and the room assignments will be posted at or on the entrance doors. We appreciate your understanding and patience.