Senior Center News: July 20

Solar eclipse

Martin Hamar will present Get Ready for the Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 25, 3 p.m., in the senior center lounge.

It’s the first total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. since the 70’s. He will provide details on where and when the eclipse will take place. You don’t want to miss this! This event is sponsored by Stay at Home in Wilton.  It is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be provided. Reservations recommended: RSVP Anne Richards at 203-762-0033.

Renter’s rebate

Sept. 29 is the deadline for elderly renters and totally disabled renters to file for the state’s annual renter’s rebate program. Under this program, renters may be eligible for a rebate of up to $900.

Elderly applicants must have been 65 years of age by Dec. 31, 2016, have rented in Connecticut for at least one year, and have income for 2015 of less than $35,200 if single and $42,900 if filing married. There is no age requirement for totally disabled renters; however, all remaining requirements are the same as for elderly renters.

Eligible renters should come to the assessor’s office between 9 and 4, Monday through Friday. Renters must bring proof of income, including their Federal 1040 tax return, Social Security 1099 statement, rent receipts and utility bills for the year ending Dec. 31, 2016. Totally disabled renters must also bring proof of disability.

If you have any questions, call Anna in the assessor’s office at 203-563-0121.

Things to think about

This is the first installment in the Some Things to Think About series in preparation for presentations in the fall at the senior center which will focus on what’s available for seniors in independent, congregate, assisted-living, and skilled-nursing opportunities.  The following points were taken from Eight Reasons Why Many Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities by Jeff Anderson and provided by Lance Galassi, Community Relations Advisor, for A Place for Mom.

Senior communities range from cozy and homelike to the posh luxury of a high-end hotel or cruise ship, and they definitely don’t feel institutional. Many seniors who have moved to independent or assisted-living communities report they prefer life at their new home to life alone. Here are some common reasons why:

  • The end of yard work and home maintenance.

  • Vanquishing boredom —  Entertainment can range from visiting musicians and performers, to day trips that might include local landmarks, forays into nature, or just an outing to the local art museum.

  • Better family relationships — Younger family members are liberated from the role of full-time caregivers and are able to assure that time with their older loved one is meaningful and high-quality. Older residents are glad their grown children no longer have to “parent the parent.”

  • Better nutrition — There are many residents at senior communities who used to live alone and were not eating right. At senior living communities, residents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, meal preparation, or even coffee brewing.

Coming events

Friday, July 21 , 10, No Feldenkrais today; 12, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis; 1:30, Intermediate Bridge.

Monday, July 24, 10:30, Line Dance Fusion with Beatriz Araujo; 12, Movie; 1, Bridge.

Tuesday, July 25, 9:45, BeMoved, with Phyllis Hirschfield; 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12 to 2, Blood Pressure Screening at Village Market; 12:30, Mah Jongg with Kay Chann; 1, Studio Knitting with Lizabeth Doty; 3, Stay at Home in Wilton, Get Ready for the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse.

Wednesday, July 26, 10, Open Bridge with Michael Hess; 10:30, Tai Chi with Joe Alampi; 12 to 5, Wilton Farmer’s Market at the Historical Society; 1, Mah Jongg.

Thursday, July 27, 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12, Lunch; 12:45, Bingo.