Senior Center News: Feb. 9

Lunch at Ogden House

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the Wilton High School Orchestra, under the direction of Marty Meade, will entertain lunch-goers. If you are a Wilton senior citizen, you are welcome at this luncheon which takes place at 100 River Road. Following the luncheon, the orchestra will perform. Call the senior center at 203-834-6240 for reservations.

Daily activities

Come to the Senior Center and enjoy any of these activities:

Line Dance Fusion, Mondays, 10:30 to 11:30, $3 per class.

This program blends traditional dance steps with elements of modern line dancing. Waltz, Mambo Italiano, Charleston, Lambada, samba electric slide and tango are rolled into one to keep your feet moving and your heart pumping. This is a great form of exercise and social interaction for beginners as well as experienced dancers. Beatriz Araujo, instructor.

BeMoved, Tuesdays, 9:45 to 10:45, $5 per class.

BeMoved® is a dance fitness experience for adults of all movement abilities. It is designed to deliver a safe, body-friendly movement experience that improves the quality of a person’s movement. The class starts with a warmup and easy-to-follow therapeutic movements that activate core strength and balance while improving flexibility and coordination, ending with a cooldown. Phyllis Hirschfield, instructor.

Tai chi, Wednesdays, 10:30 to 11:30, $3 per class.

Tai chi contains a series of gentle and graceful movements performed with respiration coordination and deep concentration. It leads to relaxation of the body and mind, improves flexibility and balance, and enhances energy and general well-being. Joe Alampi, instructor.

Yoga, Tuesdays, 11 to noon; Thursdays,10 to 11; $3 per class

Denise O’Hearn conducts this gentle yoga class that warms up your joints, stretches and strengthens your muscles and helps your balance and focus.

Feldenkrais, Fridays, 10 to 11, $5 per class

Do you limit yourself without even knowing it? Do other people try to tell you how you feel? Explore this exciting and innovative movement method designed to relieve pain, exercise your brain and teach you to move with greater comfort, ease, and fluidity. Cathy Paine, instructor.

Wilton Garden Club, first Tuesday of the month, noon to 1:30, $3 for lunch.

The Garden Club serves lunch and presents a garden-related program. Programs include trips to local gardens, media presentations, and workshops in the Comstock greenhouse.

Comstock Writers Group, first and third Wednesday of the month, 10 to 11:30.

Do you have family history or lore you would like to record for future generations? Are you passionate about politics, the arts, travel, or gardening, any of which would provide plenty of material to write about? Leading the group is Magdalen Livesey, an editor and writer living in Wilton.

Studio Knitting, second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 1 to 2:30.

Basic instruction will be provided for projects, and the company will be great. If you have a work in progress, bring it. If it’s all new to you, come give knitting a try! We’ll supply the practice materials. Not a knitter? Bring your own handiwork and enjoy the company. Lizabeth Doty, instructor.

Chinese Mah Jongg, second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 12:30.

Kay Chann supervises the players of Chinese Mah Jongg during this gathering. If you would like to learn how to play, Kay will be happy to instruct you. Call Kay at 203-544-7414 for information regarding the group.

American Mah Jongg, Wednesdays, 1.

American Mah Jongg utilizes racks, jokers, and "Hands and Rules" scorecards. It has several distinct game-play mechanics. To play, call Gale Roeder 203-762-3784 or Pat Wernig 203-762-1739.

Monday Movies, Mondays, noon to 2:15.

Bring your lunch and enjoy quality features in the comfort of the senior center lounge.

Jewelry Workshop, first and third Friday of the month, 10 to noon, $5 drop-in fee.

No prior experience is necessary for this jewelry-making workshop with Viola Galetta. Enjoy the fun of making your own beaded jewelry.  

Bingo, Thursdays, 12:45 (except Feb. 16.)

Join the fun and the challenges afforded by playing over 60 different bingo game configurations. Fee: 25 cents per card.

Five Crowns, first, third, and fifth Tuesday of the month, 12:30.

Five Crowns is a progressive rummy-style card game. It has spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs, and stars! It can be played by two to seven players. Call Nerina Klobas at 203-210-5624 for details.

Coming events

Friday, Feb. 10 , 10, Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine; 11:30, Introduction to Bridge with Michael Hess; 12, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis; 1:30, Intermediate Bridge with Michael Hess.

Monday, Feb. 13, 9:30, Coffee and Clay; 10, Basic Word with Andrea Ragusa; 10:30, Line Dance Fusion with Beatriz Araujo; 11:30, Nature’s Sketchbook; 12, Movie; 1, Encore Bridge.

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 9:45, BeMoved with Phyllis Hirschfield; 10, Oil and Acrylics with Althea Ericksson; 11, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12:30, Five Crowns with Nerina Klobas; 1, Duplicate Bridge with Maureen Turnier; 2, Chair Yoga at Ogden House.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 9:30, Sewing at Ogden House; 10, Watercolors; 10, Comstock Writers with Magdalen Livesey; 10, Open Bridge with Michael Hess; 10:30, Tai Chi with Joe Alampi; 12, Lunch at Ogden House open to all wilton seniors; 12:45, Wilton High School Orchestra performs after lunch at Ogden House; 1, Mah Jongg.

Thursday, Feb. 16, 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 10:15, Portraiture with Martha Talburt; 11:45, Lunch at St. Matthew Church; 12:30, Colored Pencils with Martha Talburt.

When in doubt about the weather, call 203-834-6240 after 7 a.m. and listen to the recording for information regarding that day’s activities at the senior center. We do not follow the public school closings.