Senior Center News: April 14

Police lunch for seniors

On Wednesday, April 20, the Wilton Police Department will serve a complimentary lunch to seniors attending the monthly luncheon at Ogden House. This luncheon is open to all Wilton senior citizens. Call the Wilton Senior Center 203-834-6240 for reservations.

Computer classes

Wilton Senior Center offers computer classes in its technology room from 10 to noon. To sign up, call  203-834-6240.

Word Graphics for Fun

During the Word Graphics for Fun course, offered on April 19 and 21, Catherine Myers will teach participants how to enhance documents, signs, book covers and posters; insert pictures, clipart, and shapes; and how to enhance, crop and change color saturation. There is a $25 fee.

Getting Around the Internet

Andrea Ragusa will provide an overview of the Internet, followed by a presentation of the concepts and terminology needed to navigate the world wide web during the Getting Around the Internet class on April 18. There is a $15 fee.

Drop-in opportunities

Enhance Fitness:   Thursdays, 9 to 10 a.m., $3 per class.  This is an evidence-based group exercise program, instructed by Leslie Hinshaw,  helps older adults at all levels of fitness become active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives.

Line Dance Fusion: Mondays, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., $3 per class. Instructor Beatriz Araujo blends traditional dance steps with elements of modern line dancing. Waltz, Mambo Italiano, Charleston, Lambada, samba electric slide and tango are rolled into one to keep your feet moving and your heart pumping. This is a great form of exercise and social interaction for beginners as well as experienced dancers.

Tai Chi: Wednesdays, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., $3 per class. Tai Chi contains a series of gentle and graceful movements performed with respiration coordination and deep concentration. Practicing Tai Chi leads to relaxation of the body and mind, improves flexibility and balance, and enhances energy and general well-being. Tai Chi has been shown to prevent falls and improve the functioning of daily activities.  Joe Alampi instructs Tai Chi at the Wilton Senior Center.

Yoga: Tuesdays, 11 to noon; Thursdays, 10 to 11 a.m.; $3 per class. Denise O’Hearn, owner of Vibrant Moves in Wilton, conducts this gentle yoga class that warms up your joints, stretches and strengthens your muscles and helps your balance and focus. Classes include warm-ups, breathwork (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation.

Feldenkrais: Fridays, 10 to 11 a.m., $5 per class. Do you limit yourself without even knowing it? Do other people try to tell you how you feel? It’s time to take charge of your own comfort and discard the movement patterns that hold you back. You are the only person living in your body. Why not make it a home you enjoy. Explore this exciting and innovative movement method designed to relieve pain, exercise your brain and teach you to move with greater comfort, ease, and fluidity. Cathy Paine instructs the class.

Chair Yoga: Tuesdays, 2 to 3 p.m., $3 per class. Liz Wendell will teach gentle chair yoga at Ogden House, 100 River Road. To register, call Betty at 203-762-8035.

Coming events

For the week of April 15:

Friday, April 15, 10, Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine; 10, Jewelry Workshop with Viola Galetta; 12, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis; 12:30, Intermediate Bridge with Dan DeVlieg; 1:30-3, Free Swim at the Wilton YMCA.

Monday, April 18, 10:30, Line Dance Fusion with Beatriz Ajauro; 1, Encore Bridge.

Tuesday, April 19, 10,Word Graphics with Catherine Myers; 10, Acrylics and Oil with Althea Ericcson; 11, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12, Duplicate Bridge with Maureen Turnier; 12:30, Five Crowns with Nerina Klobas; 2, Chair Yoga at Ogden House.

Wednesday, April 20, 9:30, Sewing at Ogden House; 10, Open Bridge with Dan DeVlieg; 10, Watercolors; 10:30, Tai Chi with Joe Alampi; 12, Lunch at Ogden House compliments of the Wilton Police followed by Chief Crosby’s address; 1, Mah Jongg.

Thursday, April 21, 9, Enhance Fitness with Leslie Hinshaw; 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 10, Word Graphics with Catherine Myers; 11, Portraiture with Martha Talburt.