Senior Center News: April 10

You and your loved ones deserve a safe and fulfilling life in the place that you prefer — your home. On Tuesday, April 22, at 3, Jim Gustin of Home Crew CT will speak at the senior center on how to make your home a “friendlier place” in which to live. Home Crew CT is a certified specialist in adapting homes. They know the special building codes, techniques, materials, and products. This expertise saves money and yields better results.

Statistics tell us that our homes, the places where we feel the safest, are sometimes not so safe. For seniors, 60% of fatal falls occur in the home. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Living safely in your own home is within your reach. You can avoid the bumps, drops, burns and spills, and the big one — the life-changing fall. There is a wide range of products from grab bars to safer stoves and techniques from task lighting placement to color-coded painting that can greatly reduce accidents and falls.

Accessibility says you can safely get to things both inside and outside our home.  Landscaping, doorways, walkways, and room layouts should accommodate your mobility needs along with appliances, furniture, and cabinets. These should all work together to avoid awkward or uncomfortable reaches or stooping. Storage should be designed to prevent muscle strains from improper lifting. In other words, things as well as places should be accessible. The basics of bathing/showering, personal hygiene and grooming, dressing, eating, toileting hygiene, and sleeping can all be improved with simple modifications which make your home a better place in which to live.

Come and hear about these possible modifications to your home. It doesn’t cost anything to hear a new idea. Call to reserve your place: 203-834-6240.

Comstock renovation

Architect Rusty Malik will present the Comstock Renovation Plan on Wednesday, April 23, at 10:30 in the senior center lounge. Refreshments will be available in the lounge.

Juniors for Seniors

Need help with your computer? Confused with your new iPad? Don’t know how to use your phone? Juniors to Seniors can help. Wilton High School junior Neal Sarup and members of Juniors to Seniors can offer one-on-one assistance to help you navigate these devices. Get individual attention. Call Neal at 203-762-7751 to set up a time to meet at the senior center and get your electronic problems solved.

Staying Independent

A nurse and social worker from Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County will provide information and tips on how you can be more independent. From advance directives to deciding if you should continue to drive, we will provide the information that you need to make decisions that best suit you and your family.

Please join us on April 15 from 12:15 to 1:30 at the Wilton Senior Center. Call the 203-834-6240 to reserve your place.

Free downloads 

Wilton Library presents “Free Downloads,” Wednesday, April 23, at 1, in the Senior Center Lounge.

Wilton residents with a valid Wilton Library card will be able to download eBooks without charge to their computers and/or portable devices. Representatives from Wilton Library will present these opportunities and demonstrate step by step how to download free material from their website.

Bring your own portable device and get started utilizing this free material.

More drawing and painting

Althea Erickson’s painting class and Martha Talburt’s Basic Drawing class, which are held at the senior center, have just been scheduled for another session beginning the week of April 21. Call Dolores Tufariello at 203-834-4820 for details.

Coming events

All activities take place at the senior center (203-834-6240) unless otherwise specified.

For the week of April 11:

  • Friday, April 11, 9:30, Beginner Knitting with Linda Fein; 10, Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine; 12, Bridge with Eleanor Mihailidis; 1:00, Jewelry Workshop with Viola Galetta; 1:30, Intermediate Bridge with Dan DeVlieg; 1:30-3, Free Swim at the Wilton Y.
  • Monday, April 14, 9:15, Enhance Fitness with Laura Mars; 9:30, Basic Word with Andrea Ragusa; 10:30, Line Dancing with Beatriz Araujo; 12, Movie.
  • Tuesday, April 15, 9:30, Basic Word with Andrea Ragusa; 10, Oil and Acrylic Painting with Althea Ericsson; 11, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 12, Duplicate Bridge with Maureen Turnier; 12:15, Staying Independent presentation by Visiting Nurse and Hospice of Fairfield County; 2, Chair Yoga at Ogden House.
  • Wednesday, April 16, 9:30, Sewing Session at Ogden House; 10, Duplicate Bridge with Dan DeVlieg; 11:30, Tai Chi with Julienne Camhi; 12, Chicago Bridge; 1:00, Mah Jongg.
  • Thursday, April 17, 9, Enhance Fitness with Leslie Hinshaw; 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; 11:45, Senior Networking Meeting.