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Breakfast for your brain

When one thinks of exercise, we imagine ourselves going out for walks, using stationary bikes or treadmills or playing sports. A common muscle we forget to work out is our brain. Studies have shown that word finds, crossword puzzles and Sudokus help our memories, response times and overall brain health. According to Health Line, crossword puzzles and other mental teasers help increase the cognitive function.

Dr. Santosh Kesari said, “The brain is actually like a muscle, you either use it or lose it.” Research suggests that constantly working on word puzzles keep brains functioning at levels up to 10 years younger than their actual age.

The next time you find yourself having free time, pick up a crossword puzzle and give your brain some exercise!

Coming events

Friday, Jan. 25 — 10, Feldenkrais with Cathy Paine; Noon, Bridge; 1, Intermediate Bridge with Mike Hess (new session).

Monday, Jan. 28 — 10:30, Line Dancing with Beatriz Araujo, Noon, Movie, 1, Bridge.  

Tuesday, Jan. 29 — 9:45, Be Moved! With Phyllis Hirschfield, 11, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn, 12:30, Five Crowns, 1, Studio Knitting.  

Wednesday, Jan. 30 — 10, Open Bridge with Mike Hess; 10:30, Tai Chi with Joe Alampi; 1, American Mah Jongg; 1:30, Comstock Players rehearsals.

Thursday, Jan. 31 — 10, Yoga with Denise O’Hearn; Noon, Lunch, 12:45 Bingo.