Crooks seeking to scam people out of their money use all sorts of schemes, the worst of which will be revealed by Wilton police officers in a scam prevention talk on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 3 pm., at the Wilton Senior Center, 180 School road.

Lt. David Hartman, Officer Diane MacLean and Officer Jonathan Patry will will teach residents how to recognize a scam and what to do if they are a victim. They will show actual scam letters that were mailed to Wilton households. There will also be handouts listing websites where formal complaints can be filed.

The outreach is an effort to highlight police officers’ availability to the community and encourage people to report crimes. “If Wilton residents see something, they say something, making Wilton one of the safest towns in Connecticut,” Hartman said in a press release

Scamming knows no age boundaries. MacLean, a resource officer for the schools, teaches drug and internet safety. “Teaching gives me the chance to build relationships with the kids to show them we’re approachable,” she said.

The free program is presented by Stay at Home in Wilton and is sponsored by Lang’s Pharmacy. Reservations are recommended. Call 203-762-2600.