Medicare: seminar reviews annual wellness visits

Annual wellness visits — a new, free Medicare benefit — will be the focus of a seminar presented Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m., by The Greens at Cannondale in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, Connecticut chapter. The seminar will be at The Greens, 435 Danbury Road.

The evening will feature a panel discussion on annual wellness visits, the science and theory behind the visits, who conducts them and physician reimbursement. The benefits of cognitive screening will also be discussed.

Panelists include Charles Smith, RN, and Michael Anthony, with Innovative Health Media, a Kansas City-based company that provides hospitals and physicians with health history materials. They will discuss how annual wellness visits can be a gateway to wellness and cognitive detection.

“Since only one in three seniors are aware of these important annual wellness visits, it is important to make them and their physicians aware of this new benefit,” Mr. Smith said.

Patients enrolled in Medicare Part B or Part C for more than 12 months may receive annual wellness visits. The yearly visit is not a physical or diagnostic exam. Rather, it is an educational visit that involves physicians assisting patients in developing or updating a personalized plan to prevent disease based on current health and risk factors.

The seminar is offered for health care providers, practice managers, medical staff, and other interested parties. To register, call 203-761-1191.

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