Fund-raiser uses novel approach

Every year, Stay at Home in Wilton relies on the generosity of Wilton citizens to provide a substantial part of its annual budget, just as most other charities do. Around this time of year, many of those charities have races, walks, bike rides, etc. that they promote as healthy exercise, but really are exercises for their supporters’ checkbooks.
This year, Stay at Home will offer contributors a new way to participate in this type of event. It is having a “no walking, no running, no pedaling” event called “Don’t Walk,” where the only exercise is writing a check for as many dollars as they choose.
Donor contributions will allow Stay at Home in Wilton to continue providing a low-cost way for Wilton seniors to enjoy their homes and community activities as they grow older.
Volunteers provide rides and simple fix-ups in members’ homes.
Social and informational programs encourage seniors to get together to meet
new friends.
An executive coordinator answers members’ phone calls with solutions to any problems they face.
To do all the above without donor support would make it so expensive that many of the seniors would find it out of reach. Checks may be sent to P.O. Box 46, Wilton, CT 06897. Online donations may be made at by clicking the link “Special ‘Don’t Walk’ Donations.”
Contributions are fully tax-deductible. Include an address so Stay at Home can acknowledge the donation for the tax deduction.