Connecticut establishes senior center task force

The state of Connecticut established a task force, under Special Act 16-7, to study best practices concerning the delivery of health and human services to people ages 60 and older by senior centers, municipal agents and other municipal employees.

According to act, which went into effect July 1, the task force will examine:

  • The resources and training needs of senior center personnel, municipal agents and other municipal employees to allow them to facilitate delivery of health and human services and related information,

  • The most effective means to provide such resources and training.

  • Current information delivery practices.

  • Best practices in this state and other states for the delivery of such services and information.

  • Barriers to access to information.

  • Data on the cost of resources and staff provided by emergency medical services, municipal police departments and other entities to provide such health and human services and information in the calendar year 2015.

The task force will be comprised of:

  • A municipal agent and a member of the joint standing committee of the General Assembly, appointed by the House speaker.

  • A senior center director and a member of the General Assembly joint standing committee, appointed by the president pro tempore of the Senate.

  • Director of an area agency on aging, appointed by the House majority leader.

  • A recipient of senior center services, appointed by the Senate majority leader.

  • A member appointed by the House minority leader.

  • A member appointed by the Senate minority leader.

  • The Commission on Aging executive director or designee.

All appointments to the task force must be made by Sept. 1, and any vacancy must be filled by the appointing authority.

Commission on Aging staff will serve as the task force’s administrative staff, and the House speaker and Senate’s president pro tempore will select the chairpersons of the task force.

The chairs will schedule the task force’s first meeting, which shall be held no later than Oct. 1.

According to the act, the task force must submit a report on its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly’s joint standing committee by July 1, 2017.

The task force will terminate on the date it submits the report or on July 1, 2017, whichever is later.

Click here to read Special Act 16-7.