Community pays debt of gratitude to seniors

Members of the Wilton community expressed gratitude to senior citizens at the Wilton High School Arts Festival’s fourth annual Senior Appreciation Day on Thursday, April 3.

Approximately 60 seniors attended the 11:30-12:30 luncheon in the Zellner Gallery, followed by a concert in the Clune Center.

Developed in 2011 by members of the Wilton Fine and Performing Arts staff in collaboration with the Wilton Senior Center, Senior Appreciation Day recognizes the contributions Wilton seniors have made to the town.

The occasion was hosted by the PTSA, students of the culinary arts program and student government at Wilton High School.

Student artwork from the International Arts Show was on display in the Zellner Gallery for seniors to enjoy as they ate lunch.

Among the luncheon speakers were Tyler Christensen, co-president of Wilton High School’s student government, and Superintendent Gary Richards.

“We really do hope you enjoy your meals,” Tyler said to the group of seniors, adding that the luncheon was a token of gratitude for all they have done for the town.

“As young members of the Wilton community, we live in a world that you have created for us,” Tyler said to the crowd.

“Your tribulation, your dedication throughout your lives allowed for the innovation that thrives today, and for this we are forever grateful.”

Dr. Richards quoted theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer during his luncheon speech: “It’s very easy to overestimate the importance of our own achievements in comparison with what we owe others.

“There’s a debt of gratitude we have for you and what you’ve done for this community,” Dr. Richard told the seniors, “and I think it’s only fair to point out that among us today are those who have served this community.”

Dr. Richards named some of the roles Wilton seniors have played in the town over the years.

“Some of you have been selectmen, on the Board of Finance and Board of Education. You have been Scout leaders, Little League coaches, PTA officers,” he said.

“You have led building committees and you have helped generate community support for the Wilton Commons, Wilton Library, Stay at Home in Wilton, the senior center.”

After acknowledging that the list goes on and on, Dr. Richards said to the group of seniors, “There have been so many contributions that you have made to this community that we know and love.”