Real Estate Sales: March 18-31, 2016

The following land transfers were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from March 18 to March 31, 2016.

13 Village Walk: Carola Kane to Christo Kyreakedes, $180,000.

58 Pin Oak Lane: Elizabeth Jane Flaherty to David N. Williams and Maria Williams, $780,000.

97 Washington Post Drive: Robert B. Campbell Jr. and Marianne Dolan to Mark J. Thomford and Amy N. Hiltz, $1,050,000.

82 Pheasant Run Road: Gregory R. Wertz and Pamela W. Wertz to Baker D. Mallory and Jody D. Mallory, $1,040,000.

22 School Road: Harry Vickers Toll and Nancy J. Toll to Daane Reinking and Kimberly Reinking, $1,050,000.

450 Danbury Road: Peter G. Snyder TR and Robert Marschke Living Trust Dated March 4 1995 to Katherine A. Leek, $247,000.

229 Westport Road: Thomas J. Barber and Nicole L. Barber to Beth Sugerman, $495,000.

295 New Canaan Road: Gordon H. Anderson Jr. and Kathleen Anderson to Kevin T. Gardiner and Mauricia L. Gardiner, $595,000.

658 Danbury Road: Connecticut Light & Power Co. and Eversource Energy DBA to MFL Real Estate LLC, $1,200,000.

32 Old Highway: W. Lawson McWhorter and Amy C. McWhorter to Brian K. Smith and Stephanie R. Smith, $779,000.

181 Rivergate Drive: Alan S. Kornstein and Evelyn K. Kornstein to Shaun McGowan and Lindsay McGowan, $770,000.

10 Four Winds Drive: Howard J. Belger III and Mary E. Fitzgerald to Meredith J. McNamara and Peter A. McNamara, $1,205,000.