Real Estate Sales: July 28 - Aug. 3, 2017

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from July 28 through Aug. 3, 2017.

135 Highfield Road, Elizabeth M. Dinoi, to David Leo Hough, $91,910.

135 Highfield Road, Elizabeth and David Dinoi Co Trust, to David Leo Hough, $558, 090.

130 Washington Post Drive, David and Keillianne Frankel, to Chun  H. Lam and Christine Ng, $740,000.

285 Cheesespring Road, Joseph Napoleon, to Mikalai Shutsikau and Veoletta Syaglova, $372,000.

20 Lambert Common, Roman Horicka, to Phyllis F. Zappala Trust, $500,000.

45 Ground Pine Road, Leif and Mary jane Setter, to Benjamin and Lori Buchanan, $1,157,500.

39 Grumman Avenue, RPM Homes LLC, to Philip and Caitlin Hiatrides, $662,500.

43 Old Farm Road, Stephen and Ellen Byrne, to Kevin and Shannon MacDonald, $1,295,000.

2 Collinswood Road, Lisa Furnivall, to Christopher and Sandra Arkell, $1,512,500.

3 Wilton Crest No. 3, Real Link Holdings LLC, to Bin Li and Yang Gao, $398,000.

23 Village Walk, Susan Wilcox, to Omkar Waddkar and Tejaswini Mogal, $275,000.

8 Dogwood Lane, michelle Godbout, to Nicholas and Michelle Mark,  $540,000.

6 Pine Ridge Road, Jayanti and Shri Seshan, to Sreejith Mamarambath and Savita Sreejith, $600,000.

Parcel X Borglum Road, Quanitcal LLC, to Lynn Manheim, $500,000.

49 Mollbrook Drive, John and Aoife Sullivan, to Neville and Loralee Hamilton, $848,500.