Real Estate Sales: Dec. 2-8, 2016

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Dec. 2 to Dec. 8 2016.

180 Millstone Road, Millstone Properties LLC, to Millstone Property Holdings LLC, $5,900,000.

221 Westport Road, Linda E. Estes and Dorothy Gloria Monteleone, to Nancie L. Porter and Jill Porter, $460,000.

208 Millstone Road, Millstone Cottage LLC, to Millstone Property Holdings LLC, $475,000.

127 Drum Hill Road, Jed Sexton and Danielle Decrette, to Tamara P. Pia, $795,000.

14A Powder Horn Hill, Plot 16, New Brunswick Industries Inc., to Jason L. Cole and Olga Gotta, $815,000.

19 Village Walk, Unit 19, Lynnwa Zheng and Chengjie Zheng, to James Yao and Tina Yao, $268,888.

58 Longmeadows Road, Lot 13, Heather L. Hickey and Kenneth M. Hickey, to Lawrence Mills and Monica Mills,  $605,000.

7 Powder Horn Hill Road, Matthieu N. Royer and Ariana Royer, to Robert R. Nordquist and Barbara P. Nordquist, $825,000.