Real Estate Sales: April 22-28, 2016

The following land transfers were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from April 22 to April 28, 2016.

232 Belden Hill Road: Robert R. Vonick and Carole S. Schwartz to Robert Sawyer and Sunshine Lucas, $1,332,500.

25 Lambert Common: Gerlin J. Holloway to Gabriel C. Andreescu and Sarah A. Andreescu, $443,000.

99 Highfield Road: Carol M. McMorris to Richard L. Greene II and Cathrine Lonnberg Greene, $1,737,500.

59 Fawn Ridge: Jonathan A. Cramer and Lauren S. Cramer to Nicole G. C. Shagoury, $336,500.

36 Honey Hill Trail: Glenn K Nakahara and Barbara A. Nakahara to Theodore K. Sommer and Ashly M. Sommer, $525,000.

58 Bald Hill Road: Jeffrey M. Jonas and Sybille B. Jonas to Kevin A. Toohill and Jamie M. Toohill, $1,085,000.

95 Pond Road: Kristopher J. Socia to Mark W. Fields, $660,000.

189 Pipers Hill Road: Kevin A. Toohill and Jamie M. Toohill to Michael J. Ondocin and Amy Ondocin, $796,000.

15 Tito Lane: Jeffrey Paseltiner to Marc J. Taubin, $875,000.

24 Heritage Court: Richard N. Eisen and Andrea F. Eisen to Jared R. Tronni and Amanda L. Kaminski, $875,000.