House sales down

There were closings on 23 Wilton homes in July, down from 26 in 2017, according to information provided by Halstead Property. That brought the number of closings for the year to 114, compared to 141 for the first seven months last year, a decline of 19.1%.

Prices were up, however. The median closing price for the first seven months was $800,000, compared to $757,000 last year. The average closing price was also up, at $893,592 compared to $844,606 last year.

There are about 254 houses on the market, compared to 236 at this time in 2017.

Eighteen condos have been sold so far this year, three more than last year. The average sale price was $406,833 for the first seven months, compared to $364,933 last year.