Aspetuck Land Trust obtains 15.5 acres of Wilton land

In memory of their brother, late Norwalk resident William B. Chariott, Claire Odierno, Judy DiMeglio, Alyse Benincasa and Margaret Anderson sold 15.5 acres of natural woodlands in the Honey Hill section of Wilton to the Aspetuck Land Trust at a bargain price on Dec. 14.

The land is adjacent to the Weston town line and has trees, birds, wildlife, wildflowers, small streams and walking trails that meander through the woodland to many of the Aspetuck Land Trust’s properties.

Chariott obtained the two parcels of Honey Hill land, which had been in his family for many years, from a relative in the early 1970s. When he died in February 2001, the land was passed down to his sisters.

Through the combined efforts of Mini and Joe Mola, of Wini Mola Realtors, LLC; and Aspetuck Land Trust Executive Director David Brant, the Aspetuck Land Trust acquired the land as a purchase/charitable donation, with a purchase price of$480,000

Brant told The Bulletin the land is “primarily upland wildlife habitat” with “a CL&P right-of-way that people currently walk on.” It also contains a “significant area of wetlands,” he said.

The Aspetuck Land Trust has nature preserves in the towns of Easton, Fairfield, Weston and Westport. It also owns the Honey Hill Nature Preserve on the Wilton-Weston border, which, Brant said, the trust is trying to expand.

“In this particular instance, the line of properties along the border that lie in Wilton connect to our existing nature preserve,” said Brant.

“We have properties on either ends of it and were trying to fill them in with properties in the middle, which happen to be in Wilton.”

One of those middle properties was the Chariott land, which, Brant said, “had no access, so it wasn’t really a marketable piece of property for development.”

He said the Aspetuck Land Trust plans to keep the 15.5 acres as “passive open space.”

“We don’t have any plans to put a trail through it,” he said. “It’s primarily undevelopable land that will benefit wildlife habitat.”

The Honey Hill Preserve is comprised of rises, wetlands, modest outcroppings and rock walls. It also has two miles of wide, relatively smooth trails, which have been expanded into contiguous acreage and town-owned open space.

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The original article incorrectly reported that the land was purchased for $100,000. Wini Mola of Wini Mola Realtors LLC said it was actually purchased for $480,000.