211 Hurlbutt Street will be dismantled, stored as variance application pends

Even though the Zoning Board of Appeals has yet to hold a public hearing on a variance application for 211 Hurlbutt Street’s potential new home on Honey Hill Road, the 18th-Century house is being taken down this week.

“We’ve gotten nowhere with the town so far and the owners [of 211 Hurlbutt Street] need it out of the way so they can work on their new house,” Honey Hill South LLC owner and historic commission member Peter Gaboriault told The Bulletin on Friday, April 22.

Gaboriault, who has taken on the task of preserving the old home with the hope of relocating it to Honey Hill Road, said the home’s dismantlement is nothing to worry about, as efforts are still being made to preserve the home, which would have to be taken apart anyway in order to relocate it.

“We are going to still try to preserve it. We’ll take it apart and keep the old windows, and I can store it for a short time,” said Gaboriault. “We’re still going to pursue our variance application.”

Earlier this year, architect and former Historic District and Historic Property Commission chair Kevin Quinlan submitted a variance application asking the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow “a front yard setback of 16 feet” and a “rear yard setback of 25 feet” at Honey Hill Road. Zoning regulations require minimum yard space for a single-family home of 40 feet on the side and 50 feet in both the rear and the front.

In his application, Quinlan points out that the property depth is less than 100 feet, making it impossible to comply with front and rear yard setbacks. Other than the request for setback relief, Quinlan’s proposed site plan complies with all zoning regulation requirements, including those regarding septic and well design, site and building coverages and side yard setback.

The March 21 public hearing on the variance application was continued until April 18, and that hearing was later canceled. The Zoning Board of Appeals has yet to reschedule the hearing.