Wilton Democrats convene for Blumenthal and Himes

More than 1,000 delegates to the Democratic State Convention convened at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford to nominate U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal for a second term on Saturday, May 7.

Among the delegates were Wilton Democratic Town Committee (DTC) members:

  • Deborah McFadden, chair.

  • Maryli Secrest, secretary.

  • Jon Tan, treasurer.

  • John Kalamarides.

  • Richard Ricco.

  • Ernie Ricco.

  • Charlie Lewis.

  • Ted Hoffstatter, super-delegate to the convention as a member of the State Central Committee.

“Richard Blumenthal has done a great job representing Connecticut in the Senate. We need to roll up our sleeves and go to work to re­elect him,” McFadden said in a May 30 Wilton DTC press release.

Calling for party unity, Blumenthal praised Bernie Sanders and his accomplishments, but said he is supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton this presidential election.

“We know that we have to come together to win this campaign. We know how to win tough campaigns by coming together, because we’ve done it, and we know we’re going to do it again this year,” said Blumenthal.

“We will have a Democratic president, and I will be proud to be on the ballot with Hillary Clinton this November.”

Connecticut Democrats put forward a slate of seven presidential electors, all of whom were elected and will serve assuming the Democrats carry Connecticut in the general election.

The seven electors will be seated in the Electoral College, which will vote in December at the State Capitol. Their ballots, which will be opened in Congress in January, are the legally-binding votes that determine who will be the next president of the United States.

“It was an uplifting convention to hear our congressional and party leaders outline the road to victory in November,” said McFadden.

Himes nomination

Two days later, Wilton delegates attended the Congressional District Democratic Nominating Convention in Bridgeport on May 9, where U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4) was nominated for a fifth term.

Wilton delegates at the convention included McFadden, Kalamarides, the Riccos, Tan, and Secrest, who is also the campaign manager for the Himes re-election campaign; as well as Brian Lilly, Tom Dubin and Bob Sabo.

After thanking fellow Democrats for the nomination, Himes reported on the accomplishments of Congress and President Barack Obama, the challenges facing Congress, and discussed goals and work yet to be done.

“Himes alluded to the disarray of the Republican Party and how they are now ‘reaping what they have sown’ in terms of policy and candidates,’ said Eric Ricco.