Wilton Democrats condemn immigration policy

The Wilton Democratic Town Committee deeply opposes the Trump administration’s policy to separate immigrant children from their families at our nation’s southern border.  We recognize that Americans hold vastly different views on a myriad of issues, and that debate can be healthy for our democracy. But there are some things that allow no room for disagreement, some things that challenge what it means to be American.  Separating children from their parents is simply wrong. It is immoral and it is unAmerican.

United States immigration policies are multifaceted and complex, and their real-world implications are decades in the making. As we grapple with finding the best paths forward, our government must never lose respect for the basic dignity of every individual human. Donald Trump's efforts to blame everyone other than himself and his administration for separating children from their parents, and their efforts to ground this policy in scripture, are simply surreal. In the last few days the administration has even resorted to denying the facts on the ground.  

The greatest danger facing our country is that we become inured to Donald Trump’s failed moral and factual compass. Children are not bargaining chips. Not our children, not anyone else’s children.

Connecticut's Senator Chris Murphy has co-sponsored a bill — the Keep Families Together Act — that will end this horrific policy. Congressman Jim Himes is working on similar legislation in the House. We urge you to contact your legislators to let them know that America will not stand for these actions in our country’s name, and that we support the Keep Families Together Act.