Will Haskell challenges for State Senate, raises nearly $30,000 so far

Will Haskell is running for the State Senate in the 26th District. — Emily Robinson photo
Will Haskell is running for the State Senate in the 26th District. — Emily Robinson photo

Will Haskell, a New Canaan resident and Westport native, is running for the Connecticut State Senate seat now held by Republican Toni Boucher. He raised $29,013 from March 1 to 31. Haskell filed his campaign’s first financial disclosure statement with the State Election Enforcement Commission on Monday, April 23.

Haskell, a Democrat, believes Hartford badly needs new leadership, he said when announcing his candidacy last month.

“Connecticut’s state government must rise to the challenge of protecting our community in the era of Donald Trump,” he said in a press release.

“Hartford isn’t working for the people of Connecticut. If we want to live in a state with a thriving economy, we need leaders who are willing to work together and craft new solutions to address spiraling deficits.”

The Connecticut State Senate is tied between Democrats and Republicans. “I want to break that tie and move our state forward,” he said.

“The key to making our state attractive to businesses is making it attractive to young people. That’s why we need to invest in faster trains and safer roads. Moreover, we must insist on passing paid family leave in the next legislative session.”

“I’m running to bring a new voice to the State Senate and protect our values and our community from Donald Trump’s Washington,” Haskell said.

Haskell is running on a platform of long-term investments in infrastructure, common-sense gun control and a prosperous economy for all, according to his press release.
Financial support
Of the nearly $30,000 Haskell’s campaign raised last month, $15,067 came from 335 different residents of the 26th district. The average contribution size was $59. Close to 20% of the donors are students.

“I’m honored by the groundswell of support that my campaign has received,” Haskell said in a press release announcing the donations. “As a student, I can personally attest that we don’t have much money to spare. I’m so grateful that more than 100 students have invested in our campaign. I’ve also worked hard to earn the confidence of first-time voters and lifetime Republicans, who have also contributed to my campaign. Our immediate fundraising success sends a clear message that this district is ready for a change in November.”

The Haskell campaign plans to apply for a public campaign financing grant through the Citizens’ Election Program. In order to qualify for public financing, Haskell needed to raise $15,000 from 300 individuals in the seven towns of the 26th District. His campaign exceeded the requirement and will return the excess contributions to the Citizens’ Election Fund.

“I’m proud to participate in our state’s clean elections program and I’m glad that our strong fundraising will allow us to reduce the burden on the Citizens’ Election Program this cycle.”

Haskell welcomes residents to call him on his cell phone at 203-856-0873.

Information: WillHaskellforCT.com

The 26th State Senate district includes Westport, Ridgefield, Wilton, Redding, Weston, Bethel, and New Canaan.