Voters change affiliation prior to primary

Connecticut’s 2016 presidential primary election will be held on April 26.

As the date draws nigh, unaffiliated voters in Wilton and elsewhere within the state still have time to hop on the major party bandwagons, to get their say in the nation’s future.

But because it takes three months for voters who switch from major party to major party to acquire their new privileges, the deadline for that kind of registration passed on Jan. 26.

Not surprisingly, some voters made a move, with 18 times as many major party voters changing their affiliations over the course of the monthlong period leading up to Jan. 26, 2016, than over the same period in non-election 2015.

A total of 54 major-party Wilton voters changed their affiliations between Dec. 26, 2015, and Jan. 26, 2016 — 28 Democrats and 26 Republicans.

From Dec. 26, 2014, through Jan. 26, 2015, however, only three did, all Republican.

This information does not imply, for the period, that 54 major party voters re-registered with the other major party — it simply shows that 54 major-party voters altered their affiliations.

Unaffiliated voters who enroll in major parties see their party privileges immediately, so those who are unaffiliated and would like to vote in the April 26 primary have until noon the day before — April 25 — to affiliate. For Democrats and Republicans — and other parties — it’s too late.

Only members of the Democratic and Republican parties may vote in their respective primaries.