Update: Toni Boucher announces intent to explore run for governor

Today on her hometown's green, state Senator Toni Boucher of Wilton (R-26) announced her intent to form an exploratory committee aimed at a run for governor of Connecticut.

Surrounded by family, friends, and supporters in Naugatuck, Ms. Boucher told the crowd that "It's time for people who know what it takes to fix this mess, to stand up and fix it."

Ms. Boucher said returning to Naugatuck for this announcement was a way to give voters another side of her history. Raised in Italy for the first years of her life, Ms. Boucher arrived to the U.S. unable to read or write, Wilton Selectman Hal Clark told supporters.

While her father worked as a janitor in Naugatuck, he impressed upon her the need to support herself through education. Today, education is still an integral part of her political platform.

"Connecticut was once a beacon of hope for immigrants," she told the crowd. "It was the envy of the nation because of its low taxes and great education. Connecticut rewarded hard work and success, it didn't punish it. I love Connecticut, but I can't stand by while policies of Governor Malloy's drag it to the ground."

Broadening the state's tax base, she said, can help lower the tax burden on citizens.

"We hear constantly that Connecticut is open for business," she said. "But our economy is the only economy in the country that is actually shrinking. Instead of doing things businesses are begging for, the Malloy policy come down to one thing, spending.

"Businesses need to profit to grow and add employees," she continued, "not just take a one-time hand out. We need to expand the tax base  instead of the tax burden."

(Update: The Bulletin initially announced Ms. Boucher's intent to run for Governor. However, she announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a run for Governor.)