U.S. SENATE PRIMARY: Linda McMahon, Republican

Born to civil service employees in rural North Carolina, Linda McMahon learned the value of hard work. She and her husband fought back from bankruptcy to create and build an international entertainment company, WWE, that now employs more than 600 people. They have two children and six grandchildren.

The biggest challenge we face as a country is getting our people back to work. Our economy has stagnated for years, and too many people who want to work can't find jobs. Every day, millions of people across our country, including 150,000 right here in Connecticut, wake up without a job to go to. Professional politicians talk a good game, but when it comes to delivering on the promises they make, they fail. I believe it is time for real change. If we truly want to fix the mess in Washington, we cannot keep electing the same professional politicians who created the mess in the first place.

I am the only candidate who has created jobs. I am the only candidate who has built a business from scratch, who has had to write and balance budgets, who has negotiated deals all over the world, and who has had to deal with the consequences of Washington's taxes and regulations.

My focus is on creating jobs and helping small businesses, which create 65% of all new jobs, have the tools they need to succeed. I have met with more than 200 small business owners all over Connecticut, and I hear the same stories. They feel overtaxed and over-regulated. They are tired of professional politicians talking about creating jobs, but then passing mandates and taxes and regulations that kill jobs. As a proven job creator, I have walked in their shoes and felt their frustrations. I believe that to restore our economy, our country desperately needs a job creator's perspective in Washington, someone to speak for America's small businesses.

As Connecticut's next U.S. Senator, I will be that voice.

I have a detailed Jobs Plan with six common-sense solutions to help get America working again. We must cut taxes for small businesses and the middle class. We must cut the red tape that is stifling business growth and stop the out-of-control spending in Washington. We must empower a skilled workforce by giving people the training they need for the jobs employers need to fill, and we must move responsibly toward producing more energy in America. These solutions will ignite job growth and prosperity.

I am the only candidate with a real plan for reviving our economy, and the only candidate with the experience to get the job done. While success can't be guaranteed in America, the opportunity to achieve it must be.