Town Republicans roll out new website

The homepage of the new Wilton Republican Town Committee website.
The homepage of the new Wilton Republican Town Committee website.

The Wilton Republican Town Committee unveiled its new website intended “to support Republican candidates for local, state, and federal offices and to allow Wilton voters to foster a relationship with the Wilton RTC,” a press release from the committee said. Its new web address is: .

The homepage features a beauty shot of town hall with the American flag and a blue sky. Under the new direction of RTC public relations chairman Joe Peres, the site will “feature compelling content and frequent updates,” the release said. It also uses the latest security features.

“We’re all very excited for the launch of the new RTC site. We’ve used a fresh modern design and innovative technology to bring Wilton voters the best possible user experience while pushing forward the RTC's message and supporting its mission,” Peres said. The committee expects the site to serve as a “town square” for Wilton residents.  

Since Bill Lalor assumed the chairmanship last year, the committee has undergone a self-admitted “long and sometimes tumultuous period.”

"The new site is a state-of-the-art, online nerve center for the RTC. It is the next step in an overhaul at the RTC that's been taking place since October, and it is a great stride forward,” Lalor said. “It will be incredibly helpful throughout the year and as we head into the fall campaign season."

Visitors to the site will find a rotating roster of feature stories, an opinion section which right now asks for thoughts on affordable housing, and an “ask the committee” feature which promises a response via social media. There are also several volunteer opportunities highlighted.

Coming very soon, Peter Wrampe, chairman of candidate research, told The Bulletin, will be a page listing the town’s appointed boards and commissions with information on the work they are tasked with and any open seats. Prospective candidates seeking to fill an open position will be able to apply through the website.

The website was made possible through the efforts of Wrampe, Peres and the Wilton RTC Public Relations committee.  

The Wilton Republican Town Committee is a group of Republicans elected by Wilton’s Republican constituents to identify, recruit and support Republican candidates for elected office and to identify and nominate volunteers as candidates to the Board of Selectmen for service on Wilton’s commissions and boards.