Support this year's Democratic slate

The Wilton Democratic Party, first and foremost, is committed to serving Wilton and ensuring our town continues to be a great place to live, raise a family, and retire. We are fortunate to live in a town with a rich history and natural beauty, and share it with residents who care deeply about our community.

One vehicle to make a difference is through elected office. Our local elected officials, selected every two years, make important contributions to the vitality of our town and do so on a volunteer basis. This year, we have nominated a slate of candidates who we know will bring diverse experience and deep dedication to our local boards.

In pursuit of making Wilton a great place to live, our local party maintains a platform of issue positions. Our “Listen to Wilton” platform is intended to serve as a tool for our elected and appointed officials and a starting point for discussions around opportunities facing our town. We divide the platform into three key areas: education, fiscal responsibility, and town character.

Wilton must maintain and build upon its position as one of the top-performing public school systems in Connecticut. Our party is a champion for our school system, working to ensure it has the resources it needs for continued success and future progress. Our Board of Education will consider a number of issues in the coming years, most imminently, the selection of a new superintendent. We also advocate for reversing the recent “pay to play” policy. We know that Chris Stroup will provide a thoughtful voice on the board these next four years.

With that said, Wilton must balance our first-class public school system with the needs of our taxpayers. Our officials on the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance must have the judgment to sustain our financial integrity and be mindful of the impact of property taxes on our families and seniors. Incumbent Selectman Dick Dubow and our candidate for Board of Finance, Richard Creeth, have the experience and judgment to offer reasoned voices throughout our annual budget process and we look forward to their service these next four years.

The final category of our platform, town character, speaks to several issues that contribute to the makeup of our town, including conservation, senior housing, transparency, the voting process, and support for public services. Wilton Democrats contribute to nearly every aspect of town government and we recognize the extent to which local government can impact the lives of Wilton residents.

Our officials maintain a reputation for bipartisanship and collaboration, but we will not hesitate to take a stand if we disagree on a decision or issue important to the town. With a slate of experienced and thoughtful candidates, we will continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the table over the coming years.

On Tuesday, I hope you will head out to the polls to indicate your support for the Democratic slate and the volunteer work they do on your behalf. Your vote at the polls is a vote of confidence and a vote of  gratitude for their service. I hope to see you there.

Mr. Dec is chairman of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee.