Some local Republicans sticking by Trump

The way Republican state Rep. Tom O’Dea of the 125th District puts it, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about women would not and could not be appropriate in any time.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t voting for The Donald. What would be worse, he said, is if Democrat Hillary Clinton won the office.

“I am planning to vote for Donald Trump. Under no circumstances am I going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” O’Dea said.

“I don’t believe Hillary Clinton has comported herself appropriately from Whitewater through Travelgate through the health care reform, through Benghazi and, frankly, Syria, and now how she’s handling the Russian situation,” he said. “So there are no circumstances under which I’m voting for her.”

Al Alper, chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee, also does not appreciate Trump’s language and bravado, “especially having my daughters and wife exposed to that,” but he said words are meaningless and actions speak much louder than words.

“And the actions of Hillary Clinton, not just the way she went after the women her husband molested but her lying, pay-for-play, burn-the-evidence, etc., she sold our government and our people to the highest bidder,” said Alper, who will vote for Trump. “She is an admitted two-faced lying political elitist who will sell out this country to enrich herself and then burn the evidence.”

“When the choice is between an overly macho, foul-mouthed (in private) braggart and a lying, two-faced political-elite, I’ll take the braggart all day long,” Alper said.

State Sen. Toni Boucher said it is a very disappointing national election and she finds her choices unacceptable. State Rep. Gail Lavielle of the 143rd District said she will not be endorsing any candidates.

She expressed disappointment at this election cycle.

“It is disappointing that the entire presidential election process — and most of the coverage of it — has not focused more this year on the substantive issues that are most important to the country,” Lavielle said.