Sensible Wilton petition gets a discussion Feb. 2

The Board of Selectmen will hold a public meeting on Monday, Feb. 2 to discuss a petition submitted to the town by Sensible Wilton, a group advocating for a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation project. The discussion will take place at 7:30 in Room B of town hall, and will be part of the board’s regular meeting.

According to First Selectman Bill Brennan, this discussion will be open to the public and time will be left for public comment after brief presentations by Town Counsel Ken Bernhard and himself.

Mr. Brennan also said he planned to have a police officer assigned to the meeting to maintain order.

“I intend to have a police officer here,” Mr. Brennan said. “Wilton has a reputation of being gracious when we discuss controversial issues, and we will do that on this issue as well, but I want to be sure order will be maintained.”

Sensible Wilton delivered a petition to town hall on Thursday, Jan. 8 that calls for a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation. the original vote took place over two days in September. The $50-million renovation plan was narrowly passed by voters, 979 in favor, 952 against. The turnout was 17% of eligible voters.

Almost immediately Sensible Wilton accused town officials of improper campaigning and began its petition drive.

According to Sensible Wilton’s most vocal representatives, Alex Ruskewich and Curt Noel, the total number of signatures collected was more than 1,100.

That amount doesn’t include the signatures of “snowbirds,” Mr. Ruskewich said, because mailed submissions were not accepted by the group.

Town officials have previously said the petition drive was futile, because town residents do not have the authority to petition for a revote on the school renovation.

Correction, 4:46 p.m.: An earlier version of this story referred to the planned discussion of Sensible Wilton's petition as a hearing. That is incorrect. We apologize for the error.