Sensible Wilton endorses before hearing from candidates?

With voters going to the polls tomorrow, Nov. 3, two special interest groups — Sensible Wilton and Wilton Go Green — asked candidates in contested races to answer a series of questions. However, Sensible Wilton president Alex Ruskewich apparently made up his mind on endorsements before the requested response date to his group’s questions.

An email to The Bulletin from Democratic first selectman candidate Deborah McFadden said she “declined to forward her responses to the Sensible Wilton questionnaire request, since Sensible Wilton had already made up their minds even prior to reviewing the candidates’ submissions.”

She included an email from Sensible Wilton president Alex Ruskewich, dated Oct. 25, two days before the requested response date to Sensible Wilton’s questions, endorsing Republican first selectman candidate Lynne Vanderslice and Republican selectman candidate Michael Kaelin.

The email was apparently sent to Sensible Wilton supporters requesting them to call those who signed Sensible Wilton’s petitions — regarding the Special Town Meeting for the Miller-Driscoll renovation — reminding them to vote on Tuesday and “to ask them to vote for Lynne and Michael.”

Ruskewich told The Bulletin the endorsement was a personal one, not an endorsement by Sensible Wilton.

The answers to Sensible Wilton’s questions from Vanderslice, Kaelin, Gilmore Bray, Democratic candidate for selectman, and David Clune, unaffiliated candidate for selectman, are posted on Sensible Wilton’s site,

McFadden and Vanderslice answered Wilton Go Green’s questions, which were addressed only to first selectman candidates. They may be viewed at

These questions asked for their thoughts on:

Banning plastic bags;

Promoting home energy audits;

Taking a stronger stance on “no idling” efforts;

Reducing the town’s energy consumption;

Expanding recycling options.

The group also asked if there is a role for Wilton in addressing climate change, and would the candidates support Wilton Go Green’s vision for Wilton as the “most environmentally friendly town in the state.”

Sensible Wilton asked candidates for their vision of Wilton in five to 10 years, the most critical issues facing the town, how they would reduce taxes, and their views of bonding vs. pay-as-you-go budgeting, transparency and communication.

They were also asked if they would support separate voting on the town and education budgets, eliminating the 15% rule that ensures the budget will pass if fewer than 15% of the electorate turns out, no matter what the actual vote is, and how they would address what Sensible Wilton sees as a growing number of people concerned about the Miller-Driscoll renovation.

The polls in Wilton will be open Tuesday, Nov. 3, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Polling places are the Clune Center at Wilton High School and the gyms at Middlebrook School and Cider Mill School.

For voting information, visit the registrars of voters page at