Rodgerson earns civil service endorsement

Keith Rodgerson, Democratic challenger for state representative in the 143rd district (Norwalk, Wilton, and Westport) has been endorsed by Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers (AFSCME), according to a press release from Mr. Rodgerson’s campaign.

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In endorsing Mr. Rodgerson, Sal Luciano, executive director of Council 4 said, “(Our) endorsement decisions are largely determined by the candidate’s experience and commitment to fighting for good jobs, a quality health care system, a secure retirement and protecting our constitutional rights.” He continued, “We will do everything we can to help elect candidates like you who are committed to fight for working families.”

Mr. Rodgerson is a Wilton Economic Development commissioner and has worked on key economic development projects through federal and state regulators, public/private partnerships, developers and with local officials.

“I am honored that our public servants have entrusted me with protecting stability in government during these tumultuous times,” he said in the release. “They are often the targets of ideological extremism. Those who have done real work over the long term here in Fairfield County in the community know that some of the hardest-working Connecticut boosters out there are those that work for our cities and towns.”   

Matthew Brokman, legislative and political representative for Council 4, added, “Keith Rodgerson has served as a trusted advocate for our health and would be a welcome addition to the General Assembly.

“Rep. Gail Lavielle’s legislative record has placed her completely out-of touch with the needs of her residents and the Connecticut economy. A former spokesperson for Walmart, Gail has put the demands of powerful special interest groups like NFIB over the interests of consumers and small businesses. She voted along party lines against the creation of the Connecticut Retirement Security Board. Keith has deep roots in Connecticut and will be a trusted advocate for working people in his district and throughout Connecticut. We are proud to support someone who clearly supports working families, not a right-wing corporate agenda,” he added.

“This endorsement adds to an already diverse amount of support for Mr. Rodgerson’s candidacy, from various constituencies including teachers, social workers, health care workers, public employees, and property services employees,” the release said.