Rodgerson denounces possible Metro-North fare increase

Democratic candidate for State Representative Keith Rodgerson has condemned the possible 57% rate increase in Metro-North fares.

“Metro-North has failed miserably over the past year to provide safe, reliable service, and this is no time to be asking Connecticut to pay more money,” he said.  Our commuters already receive the lowest mass transit support in the nation. Connecticut has no representation on the MTA board or control over the operating costs of the railroad.  The state pays 65% of costs yet we have no say in the decision-making process.”

Mr. Rodgerson quoted media reports last week that said, “If the state chooses not to increase its subsidy for the railroad’s operation, New Haven Line commuters will likely be on the hook for the additional costs. New Haven Line commuters pay about 75% of the railroad’s operating costs, accounting for one of the highest commuter burdens in the country.”

“While I acknowledge that the Malloy administration has increased transportation funding by $170 million a year over the last three and a-half years, there still remains a need for the state to carry a larger share of fare subsidy in line with other communities in the region,” Mr. Rodgerson said.

“We have a right to a safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation system.”