An unusually large crowd of more than 60 Wilton Republicans turned out Tuesday night, Jan. 9, for the Republican Town Committee caucus. All registered Wilton Republicans were eligible to attend the caucus at the town hall annex and vote for nominees seeking to become committee members.

There were 40 slots available and 43 candidates. Voting took place by paper ballot.

The winners were Lianne Acosta-Rua, Gary Battaglia, Libby Bufano, Lori Bufano, Joe Burke, Eric Cameron, Anthony Cenatiempo, Josh Cole, George Cross, Don Drummond, Christine Finkelstein, Bill Follett, Anna Marie Francello Bilella, Marianne Gustafson, Rudy Hoefling, Jerry Holdridge, Prasad Iyer, William Lalor, and Gail Lavielle.

Also elected were Carol Lenihan, Bruce Likly, Michael Lindberg, Jim Lucas, Ken MacCallum, Hella McSweeny, Phil Murphy, Ed Papp, Joe Peres, Lisa Pojano, Andrea Preston, Don Sauvigné, Miriam Sayegh, Warren Serenbetz, Tracy Serpa, Annalisa Stravato, Ray Tobiassen, Chuck Wessendorf, Michael Whitted, Jennie Wong, and Peter Wrampe.

Those who were unsuccessful were Marissa Lowthert, Dan Mahony, and Bill Schmauch.

These results are not final. Candidates who wish to do so may seek a primary. The first committee meeting, at which the new slate of members will be seated, will be in March. At that time, members will also vote for committee officers.