Republican Viewpoint: Support the Republican ticket

As Wilton voters head to the polls next week, some indisputable facts must weigh heavily:

  • Democrats have been in charge of the state budget process for 38 of the past 40 years, a tenure resulting in a projected $2.5-billion deficit, and a 9.3% reduction in GDP since 2007.

  • Democrats hold every seat in Connecticut’s Washington delegation (and have for the past decade).

  • Connecticut is currently ranked 47th for its business and tax climate and 46th as a place to do business; the Wall Street Journal editorialized last week that Connecticut “faces a choice of whether they want to relive this misery for four more years or take a risk on a growth remedy.”

For Wilton voters, the pivotal question is whether to continue to elect individuals who espouse the thinking that brought about Connecticut’s current situation, or to vote instead for change offered by Republican candidates.

Sen. Toni Boucher is a business veteran and authentic advocate for Wilton. She serves in senate leadership and holds ranking positions on the Education and Transportation Committees. Toni has been lauded by several organizations for advocacy in fiscal management. Her depth of understanding and experience, and her connection with her constituents make her an outstanding senator.   

Reps. Gail Lavielle and Thomas P. O’Dea are likewise forceful advocates for their constituents. Most of Wilton is represented by Rep. Lavielle, who is noted in particular for steadfast advocacy of fiscal responsibility, education, and transportation. Rep. Lavielle is thoughtful and deliberative, and we’d be hard pressed to find a harder-working advocate.

Harry Arora, running for Congress, has offered voters a vigorous, thoughtful campaign of pragmatic, Connecticut-first solutions befitting a business leader, father, and first-generation immigrant. Arora’s plainspoken message resonates; he knows the difference between gimmicks and results, precisely because he’s spent years achieving the latter.

We also urge voters to support Larry Cafero for probate judge. Larry brings decades of experience in education, as an attorney, and legislator.

Statewide races present similar themes. Bob Stefanowski believes Connecticut’s status quo is unacceptable. Bob’s platform is pro-growth and determined to change course.  His opponent sidesteps spending reform, and when off-script he talks about tolls, new taxes, and even higher income taxes.

The rest of the statewide Republican ticket offers much-needed fresh air. U.S. Navy veteran Matthew Corey “has more integrity in his little finger” than many others could aspire to, as we once heard. Corey is a smart, tough entrepreneur, and the clear choice for U.S. Senate. Attorney general candidate Sue Hatfield is another fantastic female candidate for Wilton voters: a tough-as-nails, former state prosecutor who broke ground prosecuting human trafficking crimes and mother of two. Thad Gray’s finance experience is tailor-made for state treasurer. In fact, Gray’s opponent helped put the city of Hartford in bankruptcy, then reneged on promises after securing a half-billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded bailout for the city.

These men and women are the best choice for Wilton in 2018, and they exemplify the qualities of our slate of Republican candidates.
Bill Lalor, Chair
Wilton Republican Town Committee