Both the Republican and Democratic parties held their caucuses this month — the Democrats on July 17, the Republicans on July 22 — presenting a slate of candidates for the municipal election Tuesday, Nov. 5. There will be no contested races.

Following are the nominees of both parties:

• Board of Selectmen: Two four-year seats are open. The Republicans have nominated incumbent Jim Saxe; the Democrats have nominated incumbent Dick Dubow.

• Board of Finance: Three four-year terms are available. The Republicans have nominated incumbents Jeffrey Rutishauser and Warren Serenbetz. The Democrats have nominated Richard Creeth, a former selectman.

• Board of Education: Three four-year seats are open. The Republicans have nominated current chair Bruce Likely and Glenn Hemmerle. The Democrats have nominated Bill McCalpin, who is now on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

• Planning & Zoning: There are five four-year terms and two two-year vacancies. The Republicans have nominated incumbent L. Michael Rudolph, the current vice chair; Peter Shiue, Sally Poundstone and incumbent Marilyn Gould. The Democrats have nominated Frank Wong and Doris Knapp for the four-year terms and Bas Nabulsi to complete the unexpired term of John Weiss who resigned earlier this year.

• Zoning Board of Appeals: There are two four-year terms, one two-year vacancy and a full two-year term for an alternate. The Republicans have nominated Tim Meyer, Libby Bufano, Al Nickel and Joe Fiteni. The Democrats have nominated Brian Lilly as a full member and Andrew McNee for the alternate spot.

• Constables: There are five seats open. The Republicans have nominated incumbents Richard Ziegler, Christopher Gardner and Christopher Dubrowski. The Democrats have nominated incumbents Deborah McFadden and Bo Mitchell.

All candidates from both parties were unanimously endorsed at their caucuses.

Although Ms. Gould has announced she plans to leave Wilton, she was unanimously endorsed to seek another term.

“Marilyn is one of Wilton’s most outstanding citizens and her past service on the Planning & Zoning Commission has been a great asset to the commission and to our community,” L. Michael Rudolph, subcommittee chairman of the Republican Town Committee, said in an email to The Bulletin. “Her contribution to P&Z has been excellent, and as long as there is a possibility that she may continue to be available for further service extending forward into the next term, it is incumbent upon the RTC to offer her to Wilton’s voters as a distinguished part of the best possible and most qualified slate of candidates.”

Tom Dec, the new chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, said of his party’s slate, “The Wilton Democrats nominated an experienced and dedicated slate of candidates to serve our town, and we are looking forward to building off of this foundation in the future. Our Democratic officials have developed a reputation of providing thoughtful, constructive contributions to our local boards and commissions, and our slate will continue this track record and more.”

Anyone wishing to petition to oppose any candidates in a primary must file with the registrars of voters by Wednesday, Aug. 7. Petition forms are available at the registrars’ office in town hall.

If there were to be a primary, it would take place Tuesday, Sept. 10.

For information on registering to vote, visit the registrars’ Web page at