On the Campaign Trail: Lavielle, O'Dea

Realtors back Lavielle and O’Dea

Connecticut Realtors has endorsed Wilton incumbents Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea for re-election to the General Assembly’s 143rd and 125th House districts, respectively.

Connecticut Realtors is the largest professional trade association in the state, representing more than 17,000 professionals engaged in all aspects of the real estate business.

In a press release, Lavielle said Connecticut Realtors is “a bellwether for the state’s economy,” and she is “honored” to receive the association’s endorsement. “I share their concerns about the effects on our real estate markets when people and businesses leave Connecticut for states with lower taxes and more dynamic economies,” she said.

“Also, as small business operators themselves, Realtors have a first-hand understanding of the effects of mandates and onerous regulations on small businesses. I always count on them as a key source of information about the general public’s views on key economic issues.”

“I am honored and humbled by this endorsement,” O’Dea said in a statement “As the spouse of a Realtor, I understand the long hours and personal sacrifice our local real estate professionals tolerate in their line of work. Their jobs are never easy, especially in Connecticut where the housing market has not fully recovered from the Great Recession. Their industry is only further strained by the mass exodus of people leaving Connecticut while very few are moving here to replace them. I hope to return to Hartford for another term to make Connecticut a more affordable place to live, work, buy a home, raise a family and even start a business. I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the Connecticut Realtors for their endorsement and support.”