On the Campaign Trail: Boucher, Rodgerson

Boucher endorsed by police unions

The Connecticut State Police Union and the AFSCME Council 15 of the AFL-CIO Executive Board have both endorsed state Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) in her campaign for re-election.

The Connecticut State Police Union represents more than 1,000 members of Connecticut’s state police force. The AFSCME Council 15 of the AFL-CIO represents nearly 4,000 police officers from more than 60 communities throughout Connecticut.

A statement from the state police union said, “you (Senator Boucher) are one of the few elected officials to receive our official endorsement this year. Your commitment to public safety and trooper safety is truly appreciated by the entire Union membership.”

The AFSCME endorsement said, “It is our firm belief that your election to the state legislature is in the best interests of the residents of Connecticut as well as our thousand of members who serve as sworn police officers throughout the State.”

Ms. Boucher said, “Our uniformed police officers are on the front lines and put themselves at risk everyday to protect us in our towns and on our highways. Their work is critical to our public safety, and I have worked hard to support them through my efforts on the Transportation Committee as well as my voting record on many anti-crime bills.”

Rodgerson announces seniors rights platform

Keith Rodgerson, Democratic candidate for the 143rd state house district, offers his thoughts on senior’ rights.

“I’ve watched two generations of my Connecticut grandparents struggle with their small businesses, housing, healthcare, and retirement challenges. There are pervasive forces at work in the Connecticut legislature that seek to degrade our quality of life and that threaten senior access to housing, medication, retirement and health care,” he said in a press release. “We need a representative who can provide real relief for our seniors in Hartford.”

He continued, “Senator Boucher and State Rep. Lavielle have intervened on behalf of special interests in-between medical decisions of doctors and senior patients. Our legislators must allow doctors and seniors to chart the best course for access to medication for glaucoma, arthritis and cancer treatment. We cannot allow our legislators to upend the needs of seniors due to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists. Our greatest generation deserves better than that.”

He said legislators must support the Public Retirement Plan “which provides for a guaranteed rate of return, low administrative fees,” universal availability and cannot cause a liability on either the state or employers.

On estate tax reform, he said, “It has been unreasonable for Rep. Lavielle to call for its failed repeal four years in a row. We need to find common ground so that families can transfer wealth to successive generations of Connecticut residents for college education, charitable contributions, job creation and the sustainability of our robust Connecticut economy.”

Information: Keith2014.org. Mr. Rodgerson’s full statement is on wiltonbulletin.com.

Boucher endorsed by Sierra Club

The Sierra Club has endorsed state Senator Toni Boucher’s candidacy for re-election.

The club’s Connecticut chapter cited her “commitment to environmental issues and strong record of environmental support in the legislature.”

“Preserving Connecticut’s natural environment has always been one of my priorities,” Ms. Boucher said. “I’ve fought to reduce air pollution by upgrading our mass transit systems and encouraging use of electric vehicles; I wrote legislation to establish a Greenway along the Route 7 and the Norwalk River; I’ve supported clean water acts, brownfield remediation, open space preservation and the Long Island Sound Protection Fund. Connecticut’s natural environment is one of our state’s greatest equities, and we must preserve it now and for the future.”