On the Campaign Trail: Boucher, Haskell and Lavielle

Independents and Realtors endorse Boucher

After being nominated for re-election by a unanimous vote of delegates at the District Republican Convention in May, state Sen. Toni Boucher also received the endorsement of the state’s Independent Party at its Aug. 20 caucus.

Boucher, who represents Wilton as part of the 26th district, said she’s “very pleased” to have received the party’s endorsement, adding that it’s “an acknowledgement of [her] philosophy that good government transcends party lines and that in order to correct Connecticut’s current downward course, we need to work together in a bipartisan way.”

With the Independent Party’s endorsement, Boucher’s name will now appear on both the Republican and Independent party lines of the general election ballot in November.

On Aug. 29, Connecticut Realtors, an association with 17,000 members involved in all aspects of real estate in Connecticut, endorsed Boucher. She said in a press release she is “very pleased” to have received the endorsement.

“The real estate market is one of the most vital parts of our economy and one of the most important aspects of our families’ and businesses’ economic well-being,” Boucher said.

“We need to enact measures in Connecticut that will stimulate our real estate market, create new jobs and make Connecticut once again a place where families and businesses can live and prosper.”

Women’s groups support Haskell

Two women’s rights groups — the Connecticut Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and #VoteProChoice — recently announced their support for Will Haskell, the Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 26th state senate district.

NOW is a grassroots activism group that pursues intersectional feminist ideals and #VoteProChoice is a national reproductive rights group.

In a press release, Haskell said he is “honored” to have the support of two groups that are “on the front lines of securing women’s equality in Connecticut and in Washington.”

“Women in Connecticut deserve an equal wage, security from sexual violence, and full reproductive rights,” he said. “We need legislators in Hartford who will be uncompromising in their support for full equal status for women.”

Conservation league endorses Lavielle

State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143) was among the first group of Connecticut General Assembly candidates endorsed by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV).

All candidates for legislative office were invited to complete the CTLCV’s Survey on the Environment earlier this summer, according to a Sept. 13 press release from the CTLCV, whose endorsement committee reviewed the answers of more than 100 responding candidates and has started interviewing those who “identified the environment as one of their top priorities.”  These recently announced endorsements are the first of several, according to the CTLCV.

Lavielle was endorsed for strongly supporting the promotion of electric vehicles in Connecticut, according to the CTLCV, and for being “a thoughtful leader within her party and across the aisle, helping to build consensus on the importance of protecting our open space and clean water and air.”