November ballot lineup is set

Wilton’s registrars of voters held a public lottery on Aug. 27 to determine the order in which the names of candidates for offices that have more than one opening will appear within each party row on the Nov. 3 municipal election ballot.
To add an extra level of fairness to the process, Republican Registrar Tina Gardner drew for the Democratic candidates, and Democratic Registrar Carole Young-Kleinfeld drew for the Republican candidates.
The results are as follows.
Board of Selectmen (D):

  • No. 1: Brian Lilly.

  • No. 2: Gilmore Bray.

Board of Finance (R):

  • No. 1: Walter Kress.

  • No. 2: Peter Balderston.

Board of Education (R):

  • No. 1: Christine Finkelstein.

  • No. 2: Lory Rothstein.

Planning and Zoning Commission (R):

  • No. 1: Scott Lawrence.

  • No. 2: Lori Bufano.

  • No. 3 : Karen Vendetti.

Zoning Board of Appeals (R):

  • No. 1: Joshua Cole.

  • No .2: Gary Battaglia.

  • No. 3: Libby Bufano.

Constable (D):

  • No. 1: John Gardiner.

  • No. 2: Bo Mitchell.

Constable (R):

  • No. 1: Richard Zeigler.

  • No. 2: Christopher Dubrowksi.

  • No. 3: Christopher Gardner.