Lottery determines ballot positions

In a year with contested seats in a couple of local races, the offices of the town clerk and registrars of voters got together Aug. 16 to conduct a lottery to determine the order in which candidates will appear on the ballot for the Nov. 7 election.
The only names that could not be included were the petition candidates because the secretary of the state’s office had not officially vetted their required signatures. They are Al Alper, running for selectman and Melissa Rotini running for Planning and Zoning Commission.
Here are the results:
1a Deborah McFadden
1b Joshua S. Cole
2b Lori Bufano
Board of Finance
3a Richard F. Creeth
3b Stuart Koenigsberg
4b Jeffrey Rutishauser
Board of Education
6a Deborah Low
6b Andrea D. Preston
7a Gretchen Jeanes
7b Glenn E. Hemmerle
Board of Assessment Appeals
9b Rudolph Hoefling
Planning and Zoning full term
10a Eric Fanwick
11a Doris Knapp
10b Peter Shiue
11b Sally Poundstone
12b Christopher Pagliaro
Planning and Zoning to fill vacancy
15a Basam Nabulsi
15b Richard Tomasetti
16b Marianne Gustafson
Zoning Board of Appeals
18a Tom Gunther
18b Kenny Rhodes
Zoning Board of Appeals alternate
20a Jackson Coleman
20b Tracy Serta
221 Bo Mitchell
23a Ernest Ricco
22b Warren Serenbetz Jr.
23b Christopher Gardner
24b Raymond T. Tobiassen