Letter: Closing 'Trump Bank'

To the Editors:

Trump makes our White House his personal bank
Ballooning his outlandish ego
Foreign governments buying his favor
Undermine our democracy's credo.

Our forefathers foresaw such as him long ago
And created a way to forestall him
Electoral College they named it
Gave them power enough to recall him.

Selecting Electors from every region
Each one independent, to seek common good
Comparing, declaring, and schmoozing and choosing
To together put forward the best one they could.

Mini-Trumps gerrymandering votes everywhere
Have passed laws to restrict their Electors
Constitutional law overrides them, God bless us
So these ultimate voters become our protectors.

What forces will pressure their votes?
Party? Back-home cabals? Self-serving schemes?
A world-class woman appears within reach
Who could possibly lead us beyond our best dreams.

A “moon shot” they project as her chance to win
Well, just as our nation accomplished that flight
Perhaps we have resources latent
To be tapped in extremis tonight.

Gordon Nugent

Wilton, Dec. 13