Lavielle receives 2015 Parent-Child Hero Award

State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143) recently received the 2015 Parent & Child Hero Award from CT Parent Power for her work in supporting early childhood care and education. She received the award, which was presented by Executive Director Marilyn Calderón and Steering Committee Chair George Hensinger, at CT Parent Power’s annual gala in Meriden.

CT Parent Power is a parent-led organization that helps parents take an active role in policy related to children's issues. It helps parents become informed and ready to advocate for children by providing them timely, clear, and accurate information, as well as training on how and when to take action and connections with people statewide who are ready to protect and benefit children. Every other year, CT Parent Power conducts a statewide Parent Issue Survey. Based on the results of that survey, the organization creates policy priorities. Currently, these priorities are health care, early care, and education and schools.

“Rep. Lavielle is an unwavering leader and advocate for all children of diverse backgrounds from every place and space in our Connecticut communities,” Calderón said in a press release. “She understands how critical early childhood education is for future success, and she is culturally sensitive to the various barriers many children face, particularly in our urban areas, to obtaining quality educational, health, and social services during the earliest years of life. She listens attentively to parents’ verbal and nonverbal concerns, as she works hand in hand with CT Parent Power, as an exemplary resource and mobilizing partner for change that our CTPP family is grateful for regarding her tireless equitable work.”

“CT Parent Power plays an active and important role in keeping the state focused on the importance of early childhood services as a preventive process,” Lavielle said. “It’s critical for every child during his or her earliest years to acquire a solid foundation for good health, emotional well-being, and lifelong learning. I thank CT Parent Power for its focus on young children, and for its work in involving parents more intentionally in the key policy issues in this area. I am honored to be recognized by this important and dedicated parent lead organization that has proven to be efficient and effective for all families across our state.”