Lavielle nominated for re-election

State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143) will be the Republican Party’s candidate to run for re-election to the General Assembly in November. Ms. Lavielle received the unanimous endorsement of delegates at the Republican convention held Monday, May 12, at the Comstock Community Center on School Street.

The 143rd Assembly District includes most of Wilton, the eastern section of Norwalk, and the western part of Westport.

Ms. Lavielle was nominated by Olga Arteaga of Norwalk, who stressed the representative’s attention to the needs of local businesses.

“My late husband, who owned a small business, always appreciated her understanding of business and financial issues, and her determination and hard work in helping businesses succeed,” Ms. Arteaga said.

Wilton Second Selectman Hal Clark seconded the nomination.

“Her keen intelligence, her strong work ethic, and her mastery of the critical fiscal, budgetary, and economic development issues facing Connecticut has won her widespread respect as a forceful and articulate advocate for Wilton and for our region of the state,” he said.

“With Gail as our advocate, we know that our town’s and our district’s voice is not only heard but listened to in Hartford. She also continues to take constituent communication to higher and higher levels. We are very fortunate in the 143rd District, because although our legislature is part-time, Gail works absolutely full-time as our representative.”

Ms. Lavielle thanked the delegates, saying, “It is a privilege to serve my constituents in Wilton, Norwalk, and Westport. I am honored by this nomination, and deeply grateful for the support I’ve received from all three communities.

“I am also conscious of the tremendous amount of work there is to do. People throughout the state fear that neither they nor their children can have a future in Connecticut. They worry about jobs, about high taxes, about the costs of higher education, and about retirement. Connecticut’s fall to the bottom of so many nationwide rankings, along with the decline of its education system and infrastructure, is all the more distressing because our state is endowed with enormous potential. I am determined to continue fighting to bring Connecticut — as a place to live, work, raise a family, and retire — back to the top, where it surely belongs.”

Ms. Lavielle reported to the convention delegates that her campaign committee had completed its fund raising for the 2014 election cycle. Several weeks before the convention, her campaign had already raised the number and amount of contributions required to apply for a grant from the Connecticut Citizens’ Election Fund.

Ms. Lavielle, who lives in Wilton, was first elected in 2010 and is completing her second term. She is the House Republican leader of the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee and a member of the Appropriations, Education, and Higher Education committees. She is also the House Republican leader of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation.