Lavielle: Governor’s veto leaves state staring at budget void

State Representative Gail Lavielle (R-143) said in a press statement Sept. 28 that Gov. Dannel Malloy’s veto of the Republican budget that was passed by a bipartisan majority has exposed the state, its municipalities, and its essential services to “severe funding cuts and significant uncertainty and risk."  The veto means that a state budget will not be in effect by the October ECS payment deadline, and a majority of Connecticut towns will see across the board cuts in municipal aid and education funding, as well as elimination of core government services.
 “Although the governor had announced that he would veto the budget even before its passage in the House, my colleagues and I were still hoping he would set aside partisan politics and do what is best for Connecticut. Unfortunately, he did not, and now many towns will suffer dramatic funding cuts, becoming casualties of his executive order,” said Lavielle, who had advocated all year for a budget that protected current levels of funding for every school district and municipality.  “It is also a disappointment that the governor would not even use this bipartisan budget as a basis for future negotiations on a consensus budget.  To reject the only budget plan that passed the legislature is irresponsible and puts Connecticut indefinitely at risk of not being able to fulfill its obligations to its residents. With the veto, he has left the state staring at a budget void, as there is no other budget on the table that has the support of the legislature.”
Legislators have the option of overriding the governor’s veto if House and Senate majority leadership decides to take it up in a veto session later in October.
 Lavielle represents the 143rd district, which includes parts of Norwalk, Westport, and Wilton. She is the Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Education Committee and a member of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee and the Transportation Committee.