At their local nominating conventions this month, State Rep. Gail Lavielle (R-143) and state Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26) received unanimous support to run for re-election.

Lavielle was nominated at the Republican convention May 16 at Comstock Community Center. Boucher’s convention was May 7 at Trackside Teen Center. Lavielle represents the 143rd district, which comprises most of Wilton, the eastern section of Norwalk, and the western part of Westport. Boucher represents the 26th district which encompasses Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton.
Gail Lavielle
Serving her fourth term, Lavielle is an assistant minority leader and the House ranking member of the General Assembly’s Education Committee, one of the legislature’s largest joint standing committees. She is also a member of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee and the Transportation Committee, as well as the House Republican Screening Committee.

“Gail brings world-class intellect and smarts to her position, without any detachment or entitlement,” said Bill Lalor, chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee, who chaired the nominating convention. “She calls out nonsense when it happens, knows the seriousness of the problems facing her district and the rest of Connecticut, and asks the right questions, even when no one else wants to, and demands answers.

“We’ve seen Gail persist, persist, persist in getting results on behalf of all her constituents. She brings substance to the job, and advocates with the gusto and passion of a neighbor or friend. With Gail, we are represented by someone of great humanity and good faith, who sees her constituents not as Ds or Rs or unaffiliated voters, but as friends and neighbors. And in the final analysis I think this is because Gail cares about her constituents and her district and wants to do what is right. We need more of this. We need Gail back in Hartford, and I am proud to be here supporting her this evening.”

Hella McSweeney of Wilton nominated Lavielle, and Michael Calise of Westport seconded the nomination.

“I am honored and deeply grateful for the support I have received from all three communities that I have the privilege to represent,” Lavielle said in accepting the nomination. “Today our beautiful state faces many challenges, but I believe we can overcome them if everyone works together to put the best interests of our state before politics. We must talk a little less, listen to each other a lot more, think always clearly, and act decisively to do what is right to end Connecticut’s fiscal crisis and move our state forward.

“This means reducing the tax pressure on people and small businesses. It means growing our tax base by making the state friendlier to businesses so that they come here, stay here, and create jobs. It means controlling borrowing and spending, while exercising responsible stewardship of residents’ tax dollars, strategically and transparently dedicating them to essentials like education, infrastructure, and critical services for the truly needy. It means restoring fiscal predictability for our towns and cities. Connecticut has enormous potential, and I am committed to making sure that people of all ages can count on a future here that is full of opportunity. I thank you for putting your trust in me once again.”

Lavielle worked for more than 25 years in finance, marketing, and communication, holding executive leadership positions with Fortune 500 corporations. She has served on the Wilton Board of Finance and the Wilton Energy Commission.
Toni Boucher
Boucher will be running for re-election to a sixth two-year term. She was formally nominated by her campaign chairman and communications director, Tom Derderian of Redding, who told Boucher’s story beginning with her immigration to this country as a young girl and cited her strong record of leadership on behalf of her district and her state.

“When it comes to state senators, we in the 26th district really won the lottery with Toni,” he said. The nomination was then seconded by Bethel Selectman Paul Szatkowski.

In accepting her party’s nomination, Boucher thanked the delegates for support and outlined the agenda that lay ahead.

“The November election will be one of the most important in memory,” she said, “and can change the direction of our state for the better for generations to come. After winning equal representation in the state senate two years ago, Republicans are only one seat away from a majority.”

“We have already seen what a difference this makes with last year’s passage of the Senate Republicans no-tax increase budget and this year’s defeat of the administration’s plan to reintroduce highway tolls.” she added. There’s a tremendous amount of work to do in the legislature. It is there where the decisions are made and it is there where we will fight to make Connecticut a place where families and businesses can once again thrive in a climate of lower taxes, efficient government spending, improved highway and rail transportation and the opportunity for a quality education for all of our children.”

“I look forward to our work ahead bringing relief to taxpayers and crafting legislation comprised of responsible solutions that will reinvigorate our incredible state,” she added. “I look forward to continuing to serve you and our district.”

Boucher is the Senate’s chief deputy majority leader, chair of both the Transportation and Education Committees and vice chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.