Foley hit with SEEC complaint

The Connecticut Democratic Party (CDP) filed a State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) complaint against Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley on July 7.

In its complaint, the CDP accused Mr. Foley of breaking state election laws by violating campaign spending caps for publicly funded candidates, according to a CDP press release.

“State law requires that candidates participating in the public financing system limit their spending to $250,000 — or $270,000 with personal funds — before receiving public financing grants,” according to the CDP press release.

“The Foley campaign’s finance reports show that it has spent nearly all of the qualifying money raised.”

In response, the Foley campaign released a package of information stating Mr. Foley and his team have “worked closely with the State Elections Enforcement Commission staff since opening the campaign to assure that we are compliant with the Commission’s rules and regulations. We remain confident we have been and remain compliant with the SEEC rules and regulations.”