First selectman endorses Bufano and Cole

First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice has endorsed candidates Lori Bufano and Joshua Cole for Board of Selectmen. She has written:

“I strongly endorse Lori Bufano and Josh Cole for the Board of Selectmen. As First Selectman, I take the decision whether to endorse Board of Selectmen candidates very seriously. Followers of the Board know I don’t blindly make decisions based on political affiliation. Having worked with all four candidates, I know their temperaments, their values, and their ideas.

“Judgment, integrity and a willingness to put the interests of the Town above all else are the most important qualities in a Selectman. Furthermore, they must be able to bring unique and needed experiences and skills. Effective Selectmen must also be willing to work collaboratively in meetings and roll up their sleeves to contribute beyond the meetings. Lori and Josh meet all these criteria.

“Lori has drawn on her professional expertise in assisting the Town and the Board of Education in purchasing management and efficiencies. She is part of the DPW Director search committee and is an invaluable resource for me to talk through ideas. As a long-time career woman balancing the demands of family, including resident elderly parents, she is a unique demographic on the Board.

“Josh’s extensive real world real estate experience as a commercial real estate and finance attorney will fill a current void of expertise on the Board. Growing the grand list is a priority that will benefit from having Josh’s skills and experience at hand. The Board will be addressing a number of real estate related matters, including proposed changes to conservation agreements and discussion of underutilized town-owned properties. As chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Josh has improved its organization and functioning by working as a consensus builder. As the parent of young children, Josh represents the future and a significant demographic of the community.

“The State financial crisis is the single biggest risk to the Town. We need effective and respectful leaders working in a non-partisan manner to deal with this crisis. Lori and Josh are two such leaders.

“Some candidates are asking you to cast only one vote to better their chances.  The same request was used two years ago in an attempt to block Dave Clune’s election.  I found it self-serving and contrary to the best interests of the Town then, and I do now.

For these reasons, I ask that you use both of your Board of Selectmen votes on November 7th, and that you cast them for Lori and Josh.